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Some quotes from RILA alumni

“It was the most valuable experience of my college career. …Mr. Pihas’ passion for exploring life’s deepest questions with writers such as Dante, Plato and Hegel inspires me to continue learning about philosophy, history, and literature. It is really incredible.
I hold Mr. Pihas and the RILA program in highest regard, and I cannot thank him enough for a truly transformative and enriching summer.”

Jacqulyn Walker, Honors II alumnus, University of Texas Austin.
RILA 2011 summer program.

“Studying at RILA was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It inspired me as a student and motivated me to be more involved in my education. What makes RILA so exceptional is its combination of intellectual inquiry and guided immersion in Rome’s wonders. In four weeks at RILA I learned more than I did in many other settings over longer periods of time. It seemed to me that every aspect of RILA was designed for the personal and intellectual growth of the student.”

Ron Sadan, St. John’s College alumnus, current PhD. Candidate at Princeton University.
RILA 2010 summer program.

“Study abroad programs, especially in a beautiful city like Rome, can be frivolous. RILA was not. We were all held to the highest intellectual standards, and dealt with the texts as rigorously as possible.”

Katie Carmody, Directed Studies alumna, Yale University.
RILA 2008 summer program.

“I came to RILA with barely any prior knowledge of art and architecture. Learning about the interplay between art, history, and philosophy in my classes and in the numerous trips to significant places in and outside of Rome was one of the most intellectually stimulating experiences of my life. I also left RILA with a clarified idea of what I might like to study in graduate school.”

Nathan D’Ignazio, St. John’s College, current Junior.
RILA 2016 summer program.

“RILA changed my life.”

Noemi Ramirez, St. John’s College, current senior.
RILA 2015 summer program.