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Palazzo del Collegio Romano
Palazzo del Collegio Romano


Visconti entrance
Student at the Collegio Romano’s entrance

During the Summer Program, our classes are held in the very heart of Rome’s historic center, in the “Palazzo del Collegio Romano” or Roman College Building. The Roman College is located around the corner from the Pantheon and at walking distance from virtually all the major historical or artistic sites in the city. Here you can see a map highlighting the Roman College central location in reference to some of the most important sites in Rome. This beautiful Renaissance building is today a national monument in Italy. Learn about the history of the Palazzo del Collegio Romano.

During the Semester Program, for our students’ convenience, classes will take place on campus, in the same building where the dorms are located. The short distance from the city’s historic center, together with excellent connections by public transport, allow students to get quickly to tour locations.

In addition to the location of the daily seminars, every year RILA holds two special classes at the Vatican Museums, in classrooms made available to RILA students only. This exclusive opportunity allows students to enjoy a unique experience of the museums, which often includes a visit to sections of the museum that are closed to the public. RILA students also have the privilege of immediate entrance to the Vatican Museums, avoiding the long wait outside of the museum (the lines at the gate can be hours long).
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Rome campus

RILA students reside in dorms, in a campus shared with students from a private Italian university.
The campus is in an elegant residential neighborhood of Rome, dotted with embassies and 19th century villas, ten minutes by bus from the ancient city walls. It is very well connected by public transportation: one can reach absolutely any part of Rome’s historic center in less than 30 minutes. It is also well connected to the central train and bus stations, making it easy to travel out of town on weekends. The neighborhood is comfortable and well equipped with supermarkets, stores, restaurants, and a number of green areas.

Students live in spacious double or triple rooms in the upper floors of a five-story building, with communal kitchens. All rooms have private bathrooms. The campus and its quiet neighborhood allow one to be close to Rome’s historic center, but not surrounded by distractions or tourists. It has a number of quiet study spaces.

The enclosed courtyard below is about a half city block in size, and it provides a cloistered space with room to stroll around, benches where one can study or relax, and an outdoor basketball half-court.
In the building there are classrooms, laundry room available to all students for free, a small indoor gym (without exercise machines), and a roof terrace.

There is ample space for athletic activity and for strolling in the three large public parks of the neighborhood, the Villa Torlonia, the Villa Paganini, and the Villa Leopardi, as
well as in the monumental complex of the mausoleum of Santa Costanza.
The campus has a resident assistant available 24/7, as well as a resident director and another assistant available during business hours on weekdays.
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