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Admission Summer Programs

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Please note that your application will be completed only once you will have sent us your application fee and documents. See here for details.

Admission requirements

RILA is more intellectually demanding than most ordinary study abroad programs. It requires above all a motivation to pursue ideas, not simply to see the sights of Rome. In addition, a certain maturity is required to live abroad. Hence applications will be accepted only from those students who:

  • Will be at least 18 years old by the date they apply to RILA
  • Will have completed at least one year of college before the date the RILA course begins
  • Are in good academic and disciplinary standing (or have graduated)

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Application procedure


Apply online by application deadline. To complete your application, you will also need to send us the following:

  • Unofficial transcripts or grade report of all post-secondary school work to date.
  • Brief personal statement (1/2 – 1 page about yourself and why you are interested in studying abroad).
  • A $150 application fee, 2/3 of which will go towards tuition (if accepted in the program), while 1/3 will cover the application costs. The first $100 will be reimbursed to you if your application is not accepted.

Both your personal statement and unofficial transcripts should be e-mailed to info@rilarts.org. You can send an electronic document downloaded from your home institution’s website, or a scanned or photographed image of the printed transcripts. Please make sure that your name and GPA as well as the name and/or logo of the institution that released the document are clearly visible in the image.
Please note that your application will not be effective until we will have received all required documentation and fees.


Soon after application deadline, you will receive an e-mail informing you whether your application has been accepted.

Accepted students should send in the online REGISTRATION form within 3 days, and complete their payment within a week from their acceptance into the program:

Register now

Once you will have completed your travel arrangements, please complete and send your Travel form.  We warmly recommend that students make their ravel arrangements and send in their travel form by the end of April.

Please check the Student Life page and the FAQ page on this website for additional information about your trip and time in Rome.

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Please note that all required application documents and fee must be received by the given deadline. Applications that are not fully completed by their deadline will incur in a late fee or might be dismissed.
Summer Programs applications: February 8th.
Summer Programs financial aid applications: February 3rd.

Please be aware that RILA has a strict policy about deadlines. In case you have problems respecting the given dates, please let us know about it as soon as possible, and we will try to work with you at a solution. If we don’t hear from you and your registration documents and fees are more than 2 days late, a late fee of $50 will be applied and it will be doubled after 3 more days.
Late application may still be possible, please contact us at info@rilarts.org.

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Tuition: $ 4,100
Housing: $ 1,150 *
Health care insurance: $ 65 **
Optional Italian language class: $ 355


* The prices listed above are in shared dorms with one or two other RILA students.


The expenses listed below can be used as guides for financial planning, but please understand that students’ expenses may vary greatly depending on individual habits, travel plans, and exchange rates.

Other expenses not included in fees paid to RILA:

  • Round Trip Airfare $ 800 – 2,100
  • Housing deposit $ 500 (refunded at check-out in absence of damages)
  • Meals $ 50 – 150 per week
  • Optional two night trip to Siena $ 150
  • Credits fee $ 450 (only for students from colleges that don’t have an affiliation agreement with RILA)

Please be aware that due to the euro/dollar exchange rate, fees may be subject to slight changes. Nevertheless, we guarantee that once payments are mailed in, we will not request further payment, even if exchange rates change.

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To make a payment to RILA, you can either make an ACH payment through your bank, or pay with PayPal or credit card. Please note that a 2.9% booking fee will be applied to credit card payments. ACH payments usually do not require additional fees; please contact your bank for details.


You can make an online payment through your bank. If you have online banking, it is usually possible to make an ACH payment online, or you can go to your bank in person. Either way, please provide your bank with the following information:

  • Payment: indicate the amount you intend to pay to RILA
  • Routing number: 121102036
  • Account number: 041873793

Summer program fees

Cancellation Policy

An installment plan is available to interested students. The payment plan will allow them to break the total sum to be paid into three parts: the first and largest payment (non-refundable), including rent and one third of tuition, will be due on February 21st; the second and third payments, including the remaining amount of tuition and any other expenses, will be due on March 21st and on April 21st.  To request an installment plan, please send an email to info@rilarts.org.

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Financial Aid

Every year RILA grants a number of scholarships to students in need. RILA scholarships cover from 10% to 50% of tuition. All other costs and expenses (i.e.; remaining tuition, travel expenses, rent, etc.) are to be covered by the student.

Given the limited number of scholarships available, we invite those students who can afford to pay full tuition to leave the scholarship opportunities for those who most need them. For the same reason, our policy is not to grant funds to students who already received aid towards RILA tuition from their home institution or any other organization.

To apply for a RILA scholarship, students are required to first complete the regular application procedure described above.
In addition to that, students should send a one page (max 400 words) essay on the theme of the course of their choice. (Essays must be anonymous, please do not put your name on your essay). Essays should be sent to info@rilarts.org in attachment to an e-mail message containing the student’s name, the course they are applying to, and a request for scholarship.
Applications for financial aid must be submitted in full by the financial aid deadline.

Please note that scholarship requests will not be evaluated until an application is complete with all required documents and fees.

For students from St. John’s College

Since its foundation in 2008 RILA has developed in unofficial partnership with St. John’s College. The origin and inspiration for RILA emerged from discussions among a group of St. John’s faculty about the powerful experience Johnnies might have reading and studying together, immersed in all the art, architecture, culture, and history that Rome has to offer. The academic director and co-founder of RILA, Gabe Pihas, is in fact a former tutor of the Annapolis campus. St. John’s and RILA are currently attempting to expand this partnership.
St. John’s students may be able to use Pathways fellowships towards RILA summer programs. In the past, generous Pathways fellowships have covered costs for student’s tuition and most of travel expenses. Please check with your administration on campus.
Every year the Ahmanson Foundation offers four scholarships for the full amount of tuition for a RILA summer program, to four St. John’s students. The scholarships are restricted, and students from other colleges cannot apply to them. The scholarships are awarded to St. John’s students in need of financial aid, who also show academic excellence through their essay and transcripts. To apply for an Ahmanson scholarship, simply follow the same procedure described above for RILA scholarships. Your application for financial aid will automatically be considered for both scholarships.

Given the limited number of scholarships available, our policy is not to grant funds to students who receive aid towards RILA tuition from their home institution or any other organization. Therefore, St. John’s students who have been awarded a Pathways fellowship will not be considered for an Ahmanson scholarship or a RILA scholarship.

For students from UT Austin

RILA and UT Austin have worked in partnership for a number of years. There is a formal arrangement for the recognition of RILA credits at UT. UT students will receive credits for either of RILA summer programs, Beauty and the Sacred or Empire and the Soul.
A number of students from UT each year have been able to cover the costs for a RILA summer program through generous scholarships offered by UT. We encourage you to contact the study abroad office at UT, as well as your department contact person, in order to find out about funding available to you.
We have a special partnership with the Jefferson Center at UT, but majors from other department are also eligible for UT scholarships for RILA.

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